This page is devoted to express the beauty of nature in Bardia national park (BNP) and her neighbours as well as the culture and tradition of locality in particular and Nepal in general. In this page you can discover photos and videos of various activities like jungle safari, rafting, bird watching, cultural tours, tracking and so on. I am Khageshwor Gautam continuously updating the contents of this page. I am a senior nature guide.I have devoted more than a quarter century in and with nature.

About Me

I was born in hills of mahabharata but as a kid my family was moved to bardiya, thakurdwara. Tharus are local habitants of this area. But i recall there were not more than a dozen homes. As i grew with local people i am bound to tharus with blood and veins. Although here are so many tharus migrated from other places i consider myself connect to roots than so many local people. BNP was my playground as grew; a bare cattle grazing place. The dense forest and big old trees must have some old but fresh memories. As young and rebel i wondered various places from nepal and india but my ties were connected this place so i couldn’t resist to returned. However all those ventures came handy to my interest as nature guide.

Before you come

Bardiya National Park is largest national park in terai which was established in 1976 AD. You can take regular bus from Kathmandu to Thakurdwara or flights to Nepalgunj and from there you can take bus to Thakurdwara. Bardiya National Park is home to Royal Bangal tiger, rhino, elephant, leopard, gangetic dolphin and many birds, reptiles and other endangered species. Park has three discintct seasons winter, summer and monsoon. Best months to roam around might be september, october and november but april may and june could be best months to see tigers although the temperature may reach upto 45 degree celsius.While going into the park green cloths hats are recommended. Avoid perfumes, sented oils sense animals have been Sense of smell. Mosquito repellents can save your time and energy. If you have nice binocular feel free to carry.