Jungle Safari

The charm of BNP lies in jungle safari. The native flora and fauna will not cease you to amaze with beautiful birds.The crossing of spotted deer and teasing of monkey will not leave you in blue. But be prepared for occasional but not rare encounters with mighty CAT.Through the serenity and tranquillity of forest you will reach the heart of BNP a.k.a. TINKUNE. The golden triangle to see tiger , elephant and rhino. Where more than 80% sighting of wildlife occur. Tinkune (The triangle) is the last line between the humans and wildlife separated by a river. Although some chaps entertain to upset the wildlife by force entry. It is better to wait and have tea, coffee or brunch in high tower. Tiger including other wildlife are very careful animals they feel our presence before we catch a glimpse. The more we chase the more we make distance with wildlife.

We can visit more areas of BNP in jeep safari however the noise and roar of machine only makes the trip merely a sight seen. Reducing the chance to enjoy tranquility and friendly with wildlife. If you have not ridden elephant before it will be new experience for a hour or two elephant safari. However i choose not to tortore animal in any form.

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